First days of school

Here we are, two unknown people among a sea of talent and potential. It's the most humbling thing. The people I'm sitting in the same room with will eventually spread far and impact the world for the kingdom of God. 

On one of the first days, Catrina Henderson, principal at the Hills campus gave a message titled 'When in Rome' that carried some truths that are still resonating in my heart and mind. 

When you're in "Rome" - somewhere new, unfamiliar, exciting and adventurous - there are few postures to take, so that you get don't leave without getting the most out of your experience. It's was so simple yet profound and it inspired me to jot some goals down. 

- Catrina Henderson

- Catrina Henderson


Here are some of the goals I'm aiming towards:

1. I will pursue every opportunity in some way - it is worth it. 
2. I will not compare - it's pointless. Every detail about my journey is unique. 
3. I'll try things I've never tried before - I'll fail some, succeed others.
4. Some things in my life can and will be temporary - I will live accordingly.
5. I won't stop getting overwhelmed that I get to follow the call of God on my life.
6. The mundane will never get too boring in my eyes.
7. There is nothing too small that I won't be thankful for. 
8. I choose to live an accounted life. Therefore, I will document the journey.
9. I will learn from anyone who is willing to teach me something - even in unlikely places.
10. I won't leave until I've been, seen and done all I can be, see and do.


Settling In

Moving your butt across the world is no easy thing. It sounds extremely glorious, sexy and adventurous. And while it can be, for moments at a time (.5%), the other 99.5% of the time you are working at familiarizing yourself while simultaneously trying to cope with all the newness surrounding you.

Overwhelming can be an understatement at times. 

But you pause. You breathe. You remember why you moved and you get through it. Before you know it, things begin to look and feel more like home. 

I'm living in a college house with 6 other girls - they're lovely and come from all corners of the earth. (Texas, Oregon, Singapore and Sweden to name a few). In a few short days we have rattled together...stormed IKEA and sanitized all our eyes can see. Our little house feels like such a home. You can probably find at least one girl wrapped in a blanket, watching a movie somewhere in the house at all times. (This being before school starts) 

Hillsong (Hills Campus) is about a 20 minute walk from my house and in the other direction, lives Andrew. He's been walking over the past couple of days as we've been taking trip after trip to the mall to get the things we forgot to get from the day before. It's enough to keep our days busy.

Australia is in winter currently which is interesting, coming from upstate New York where you can blink your eyes and 2 inches of snow can cover the ground. Australian houses are not insulated well and most houses have tile. So, you combat the cold with the craziest of remedies. I have slippers on 24/7, I'm always wearing a sweater of some kind, I sleep with a hot water bottle, I heat my bed with an electric blanket, I have more than 4 blankets on my bed at night and I also have a heater in my bedroom. The combination of all those things keep ya warm here. And when the sun is out -- you're more than fine. If you close your eyes it feels like an autumn day in Rochester. 

Things are going well - we're excited to be here and thankful for the little home we've already been able to establish!

Photo Jul 15, 10 56 28 AM.jpg
Photo Jul 15, 10 58 13 AM.jpg
Photo Jul 14, 10 23 02 AM.jpg
Photo Jul 15, 10 57 30 AM.jpg

I am thankful for a little place to call home, an incredible community to now be a part of and getting to do this all alongside my best friend and ultimately a God who looks out for even the details to this journey.

While We Wait

So today marks the day when we make start our hike over the the land down under. Chloé and I are waiting at our gate in New York City, Gate B35 to be exact, for our flight to LAX which will then take us into Sydney.



... and as I sit across from her and her big, gleaming eyeballs and (now) somewhat worn-in Converse, my heart feels right... at peace... and definitely grateful.


After a long application process when I applied to Hillsong College, I got my official acceptance letter. Chloé, being the darling she is, made me this. And while she's off meandering around the terminal, I thought I'd share it with you.


... to my lovely Chloé, thank you for always rooting for me.