Find Someone...

 …who makes you laugh. Actually, who will go out of their way to look stupid, even if it only causes a smirk out of you. 

…who loves coffee. Because you may fall inlove across the table over it. 

…who likes to talk.  For hours upon hours upon hours. But not about boring things, but about things that make you come alive. You may not even know what’s inside you until you start talking. 

…who wears glasses. (I may just be biased). You probably will be able to spot those frames from miles away in crowds of thousands if you needed to.

…who enjoys the little things, because isn't it the ‘little things’ that are actually the ‘big things’ after all? 

…who loves good music. You may not agree on everything. But, as long as you can find one mutual favorite, you can go to as many of their shows as possible. (one may even be at the Sydney Opera House) 

…who makes things fun. All things.

…who makes mundane things more fun. Errands may become one of the highlights of your week. 

..who prays with you. Because, there will come hard times. For both of you. 

…who writes. Who captures the unsaid and the unseen in the most beautiful possible way.

…who reads. They will always be hungry to grow. You’ll never stop having things to talk about.

…who understands the importance of lazy days and pjs. Netflix may become a good, trusted friend. They may rewatch a series (or two) just for you to watch it with them.

…who loves your weird quirks. Yes, I don’t like peanuts and heating leftovers. But, you may share a common hatred for tomatoes, mustard and cream cheese. 

…who loves small adventures. There’s too much of the world that still needs to be seen. Take small steps everyday to discover. 

…who loves big adventures. The kind that involve 23 hour plane rides.

…who simultaneously challenges and comforts. You will grow into a better person. 

…who makes conflict worth the effort. Because on the other end it brings strength, clarity and refinement. Embrace it well and it will grow you together. 

…who fights against ‘comfortability’. The numbing kind. Apathy is deadly. 

…who does sweet things for you, for no reason other than love. Flowers every week for a year? 

…who knows good relationships are built. They don’t just happen. They are the product of love, selflessness, time, effort, intentionality and fun.

…who holds your hand. All the time. 

...who hates fluorescent lighting. Silly as it sounds, you will make houses, 'homes' where ever you go. 

…who worships God. With their mouths and most importantly with their lives. 

…who beyond anything, seeks first to love God. Because when you seek God first, everything else is added to you. 

…who wants to build the Church because there is nothing more beautiful than when two stand united on that. 

…who loves people. You will fall in love with how they love. You will want to model yourself after their compassion. 

...who listens. To the voice of God. To your heart. To wisdom and counsel. 

…who loves to document life. You may have tons of photos of everything. And hey! They make the most beautiful videos you have ever seen. 

…who steps into the unknown with you no mater how scary it looks.

…who loves you and wants the best for you. That will anchor you. You will go into the world, boldly and confidently knowing that love is behind you.

…who makes it hard to stop writing lists. 

…who lets you take goofy videos of them and put it in a ‘dropbox time capsule’ over time.

…because one year later you’ll be so glad you did. 
I love you, Andrew Kovacsiss.  

Unlearning is Growing

Two entirely different walks of life... intersected and on the same journey...which walk has the greater potential to grow?

Andrew and I love to debate. This was our most recent debate. (Quite loud and heated I might add.) We were debating which of us has the greater potential to grow in our journey here at Hillsong College.  How we got on this debate... I'll never know (seriously). Here were some of our conclusions:

Experience teaches you things. You learn from good experiences and you learn from bad experiences:

You see,  Andrew comes to the table with far more life experience than me. (He has a whole 6 years on me!) He has had time to form ideas and lay foundations while experiencing the world and it’s great roller coaster of excitements and disappointments. 

Admittedly some of his ideas and foundations were forged by hurt and framed by wisdom. Many were shaped by the bible while a great majority were formed by experiences in his life.

It's almost a bit of a cycle: live life, experience things, learn from your experience and form foundations around what you learn.


Foundations are what you stand on. It’s the basis on which you live your life. 

I have had six less years to build up to everything Andrew has accumulated so far. I have a lot of foundations to lay.  I get to learn heaps by being here (in Australia).  I get to build foundations straight from the bible, sometimes skipping over the experience step. There definitely are experiences for me to learn from, but I'm in school where I'm learning at a faster rate than my experiences are teaching me. I am getting to align things to the word and spirit of God. 

What I do perceive is more life experience = more pre-laid foundation.

Acquiring new knowledge, setting new foundations, forming new ideas… learning causes us to grow. But, something else that causes you to grow (besides age, genetics and eating) is unlearning. Unlearning? yes. Unlearning. 

There is something that needs to be nailed to the inside of every heart: your experiences cannot hinder your growth. You may just have to do a bit of unlearning. What I mean by this is: in every experience you learn. Yet sometimes, in life, the things we learn aren’t always the kinds of things that we should build our ‘houses’ on. 

We must first unlearn the ‘sand’  foundations to learn the ‘rock’ foundations.

It can be painful at times. It requires self awareness, humility and wisdom to admit what is truly ‘sand’ and what is truly ‘rock’. But, God is pretty cool about helping you sort that out. If you let him, of course. The longer you stay stubbornly on the sand… the more painful it is to unlearn. 

Something we need erased from our hearts is the idea that unlearning things is a bad thing. Because I think it's quite the contrary, I think it's a necessary thing.


Oswald Chambers says it like this:

"It is not true to say that God wants to teach us something in our trials. Through every cloud (trial) He brings our way, He wants us to unlearn something. His purpose in using the cloud (trial) is to simplify our beliefs until our relationship with Him is exactly like that of a child— a relationship simply between God and our own soul... Is our relationship with God becoming more simple than it has ever been?"

This thought has sat with me for a few years now… I really believe God has a mission of helping us unlearn in order to grow a better understanding of Him. Seems contradictory? Redundant? It isn't. It is not necessarily about emptying a cup to fill the same one up again...

It is about getting rid of sandy foundations that we have picked up through experience that are unaligned to God’s word. It is about building houses on foundations made from rock. It is about getting to grow in a relationship with God, to the point where it is exactly as simple as that of a child. And he said: "Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven." (Matthew 18:3)

So, Andrew and I are both on a journey of learning and unlearning - growing at the same rate. To unlearn is to grow and to learn is to grow. One just has to be mindful of what God may be teaching you. 

Ps: In our debate we eventually pulled out markers and drew it out. Good debaters make good couples, am I right? :) 


There's many things I miss from back home. And honestly, the more I think about them the more I miss them and the more I wish I was around them again. But, much like I said in my last post, God's plans will sometimes call for you to step into what's unfamiliar and where the wind blows in the opposite direction. 


But the wind doesn't always have to be something that's in opposition to us. I'd even go as far to say that often times, we victimize ourselves to what opposes us. And it's not because we like to play victim but rather we are afraid of the mystery and unknown of where the wind may lead us.


If we'd simply change our direction, we could see that the very thing that we believe is opposing us is actually guiding and getting us to where we need to be.



This is Kyle. And before I moved to Sydney, I lived and worked with this fine fellow.


While I was off running around with a camera and leading an amazing team of volunteers, Kyle was directing, teaching, and pastoring a group of young, enthusiastic hearts. While learning all they could about ministry and serving the local church, the transformation that took place within their lives could be seen even in their posture and the way they carried themselves.


I saw several intakes make their way through the program and each time, I can honestly say, the individuals that I met at the beginning of the internship were not the same individuals I would've come to know by the end of it. And at each season's conclusion, we'd all be pointing to Jesus, giving Him all the credit.



So why the heck am I writing this? Well, one, because I wanted to show some video work I had done while I was on staff at The Father's House. You'll see those below.


But the real goal of this post is to say:

It's time to turn with the wind instead of pushing your way through it.


God surely knows what He's doing when He calls you to go somewhere or to do something. I can speak that from experience I've gone through and that I'm going through now.


So maybe MessageMakers is that next thing for you. Check out for this next season's dates and all the information you'll need to sign up. And if you're more of a visual person, check out this promo I did for the program a few months back.


And help us celebrate the MessageMakers in this video who just finished their program this past week. Congrats you guys!


Much love,