In early two thousand and thirteen, we had an honest conversation over black tea, bottomless coffee, pancakes and a plate of half eaten french toast. If conversations were titled, this conversation would have been named: living in the realm of the unexpected. 

"Imagine living a life that moves to the surprise to its own unfolding"  we said.  

In that conversation, 'we' became 'us' - Andrew and Chloé. We promised each other to always live honest lives that give way to the unknown and the unexpected. With our hope firmly found in Jesus Christ, we haven't stopped yet. Together we document our lives through scraps: extracts from conversations, trinkets, collections of coffee stained cups, receipts from shared meals, handmade films, love letters, recipes written on the back of napkins, polaroids and plane tickets. We are storytellers at heart.

Yet, this is not just about us and who we are or the things we do, but about sharing the people and places we encounter, the stories they carry and the impact they have on our lives and on the lives of others.